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Domaine Armelle & Bernard Rion

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Since 1896, the Rion family has been working vines in Vosne Romanée. From generation to generation, tradition and knowledge have been transmitted and today, it’s the 5th generation that has taken over. The daughters of Armelle and Bernard RION: Nelly, Mélissa and Alice, are now harvesting 12ha on Côte de Nuits and Côte de Beaune.

The vines have between fifty and a hundred years of age, and mainly produce high quality Pinot Noir grapes. Grape-berries, tiny as boots buttons, offer maximum concentration. Due to their age, vines roots go as deep as 100 meters into the ground to get their nutrients; this explains the unique and particular Terroir taste.

On their 9.5 hectares of vineyard, the Rion family aims at perfection. Most of the works, as well as grapes-picking, are manual, which contribute to obtaining an optimum quality. When ripeness is obtained, the goes harvest into the winery and there again, man must be humble and respect what the vintage offers. Careful attention is given to the fermentation process, then pressing and filling up the barrel before to leave the red wines growing and aging in oak barrels for about 15 months prior to their selling.

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  • Appellation: Burgundy, Vosne Romanee, Chambolle Musigny, Nuits Saint Georges, Chorey Les Beaunes
  • Owner: Bernard Rion
  • Winemaker: Alice Rion
  • Varieties Grown: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay
  • Age of Vines: 70 hectares-40 years
  • Altitude: 250 metres-Clay, limestone
  • Farming Methods: Biodynamic


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