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It was around 1630 that Maté Szepsi Lacko, a Calvinist preacher, produced the first “Tokaj draining wine” (Tokaj Aszú). He offered it to Princess Susana Lorántffy, wife of Jorge Ráckózci, first prince of Transylvania, at the celebration of the Easter holidays as a thank you for the care the princess had for her citizens of Tokaj. The present singular was born from the grapes grown in the vineyard of Oremus and in 1772, when the first classification of vineyards in the world was established, it was already recognized as PRIMAE CLASSIS.Boüard de Laforest, in the rich potential of Lalande-de-Pomerol terroirs. Supported by his daughter, Coralie, he applies his technical and oenological know-how in a new, environmentally friendly approach to wine growing. With precision and sustainable purpose, the family makes wines with outstanding elegance that compare with the greatest Bordeaux appellations.

Taking advantage of the different ripening time of the different grape varieties on the estate, we go through the vineyards, plot by plot, and we look for the bunches of grapes where part of the berries show signs of over-ripening, and the other part is affected by noble rot. From these bunches, we obtain a very rich, tasty and mellow must, from which the Oremus Late Harvest wine will be born. For the draining wine “Aszú”, the noble grains are selected

  • Appellation: Tokaji
  • Owner: Pablo Álvarez
  • Winemaker: Gonzalo Iturriaga
  • Varieties Grown: Furmint, Hárslevelű, Sárga Muskotály, Zéta, Kövérszőlő, Gohér
  • Hectares/Age of Vines: Coming soon
  • Altitude/Soil: Coming soon
  • Farming Methods: Coming soon


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