Christian Lauverjat, Sancerre "Perle Blanche"

Truly remarkable: Made from very old vines, this wine has a golden robe and persistent bouquet of almonds, linden trees and heather. A wine both rich and delicate, with a savory and powerful palate. Great as an aperitif or pair with shellfish, fish, white meats and cheeses.

Winery: Lauverjat (Karine, Christian, & Kevin)
Appelation: Sancerre
Average age of vines: 55 years old
Farming Methods: Conventional
Maturation: Wine is vinified at low temperatures for between 15-20 days, circulated after fermentation on the lees, then remains in tank for about 10 months
Soil: White clay soil with fossils, to a depth of 30 cm
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc
Vineyard Orientation: Eastern
Vineyard Size: 12 hectares
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