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Larkmead Vineyards

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The broad patch of Calistoga that Larkmead Vineyards calls home has been under vine since the mid-1800s and has witnessed the turning of two centuries. In that time, Napa Valley has transformed from a vinous vestige of the Wild West to one of the most preeminent wine regions of the world. Larkmead played an active role in that swell, as their grapes have contributed to countless, celebrated Napa Valley wines across the decades. Critical to the Larkmead’s success, the estate has been in the hands of the Solari family since 1948. This steadiness has allowed for the type of careful study that is necessary to truly unlock a vineyard’s potential. Since the beginning of their modern winemaking history in 1997, the family has relentlessly fine-tuned their viticultural and cellar techniques to most accurately express the vineyard’s voice.

Viewed from above, Napa Valley resembles a tilted hourglass, with Larkmead situated just above the narrowest point, at the confluence of two alluvial fans. The estate’s 115 contiguous acres of vines spread across the valley floor, stopping just shy of the two opposing mountain ranges. The vineyard is dedicated to Bordeaux varieties, and has been completely redeveloped since 1995 with a single exception: a three-quarters of an acre block of ancient vine Tocai Friulano. Beneath these noble vines, gravel, clay, and sand
interweave across the property, forming a complex mosaic of small, distinct vineyard blocks. Modern winemaking practices regard each block on their own terms—they are farmed and vinified separately—and then blended into wines that honor the site’s diversity.

  • Appellation: Napa Valley, Calistoga AVA
  • Owner: Kate Salari baker
  • Winemaker: Avery Heelan - (formerly cellar master at Screaming Eagle)
  • Varieties Grown: Cabernet, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Malbec, Sauvignon Blanc, Friulano
  • Hectares/Age of Vines: 50 hectares/ between 7 and 27 years old
  • Altitude/Soil: Cortina, Pleasanton, Bale Loam
  • Farming Methods: Organic since 2015 - to be certified in 2023


Red Rose White Sparkling Sweet Fortified Spirits Cider