Country: Italy > Friuli Venezia Giulia

Gradis’Ciutta (Collio)

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Gradis’ciutta came into being in 1997 when twenty-year old Robert Princic, returning from studies at the famous Conegliano Scuola di Enologia, decided to found the winery which would give a form and a substance to his family’s long standing commitment to the land.

His father and his grandfather were growers, selling their grapes on the local market and patiently building up the property, a plot at a time. Robert took the next step, creating a brand which speaks of his attachment to the terroir and its wines and to his own family traditions, the three elements which came together in his choice of a name for the new winery; Gradis’ciutta is a special place in the heart of the Collio, deeply rooted in the history of the family and known for centuries for the quality of its grapes

Today Gradis’ciutta extends over 35 ha, of which 25 ha are under vine in the communes of San Floriano del Collio, Gorizia, Capriva del Friuli and Dolegna. The diversification is by no means casual, but rather it reflects the aim of giving expression to the full range of the terroirs of the Collio.

With the constant and tireless support of his parents, Robert has taken the estate forward, winning awards for the wines and gaining widespread personal recognition. He has never, however, forgotten the importance of maintaining a balance between man and nature, in his winemaking and his conduct of the estate.

  • Appellation: San Floriano del Collio, Gorizia, Capriva del Friuli and Dolegna del Collio
  • Owner: Robert Princic
  • Winemaker: Robert Princic
  • Varieties Grown: Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Friulano, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio
  • Hectares/Age of Vines: 25 hectares
  • Altitude/Soil: 275 meters with ;ayers of marl and sandstone of Eocene origin
  • Farming Methods: Sustainable and Organic Certified


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