Sancerre ROUGE "La Demoiselle"

We are here on the flinty, clay soil, right on the Sancerre Peak, at the spot on the east side called “La Demoiselle”. The stone is compacted here into a dense layer of sharp, stumbling flints, a soil that is most unfamiliar to the Pinot Noir giving it great originality.

The flinty mineral makes the cherry seem almost like kirsch with peppery notes that are reminiscent of a côte rôtie. A real surprise for such a great variety as the Pinot Noir.

Winery: Domaine Alphonse Mellot
Appelation: Sancerre
Average age of vines: 70 years old
Farming Methods: Organic - Certified|Biodynamic
Maturation: 2 months, half in wooden vats and half in 600-litre casks, end of maturing en masse for 6-8 months
Soil: Flint on flinty clay
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Vineyard Orientation: South or Southeast
Vineyard Size: 1.2 hectares
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Sancerre ROUGE "La Demoiselle" 2019 92 Wine Advocate
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