Domaine A. Berthet Rayne Cairanne

About the Winery

At André Berthet-Rayne’s Domain, passion vine is passed from father to son for four generations. The story begins in 1880, when the great-grandfather owned the farm 6 hectares of vineyards, several olive groves and some plots of land. The implementation of the vine, subsequently, advanced cared by Paul, André’s father. His work has fostered a culture more abundant. Over the years, the exploitation of the vineyard is amplified. Today, it is André who continues the work with passion by his ancestors.

With his wife, Marina, he operates 22 hectares of this homestead and continues the tradition. The vineyard consists of 22 hectares in the commune of Cairanne, on the left bank of the Rhone. It is notably composed of old vines, sometimes centuries. Vineyards, established semi-hills, and the different varieties used their wealth to bring wines. Since 2011, all the wines are made from grapes of organic farming and certified under the label AB.

Our Wines


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