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Château Grillet

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Just 3.5 hectares in the heart of the northern Rhône valley, Château-Grillet is located between the villages of Vérin and Saint-Michel-sur-Rhône (Loire department), on the right bank of the Rhône to the south of the town of Vienne. Since 1936 this real jewel of Nature has been one of the smallest and most prestigious French appellations producing a single white wine, one of the greatest.

The vineyard of Château-Grillet is in the form of a southern-facing amphitheatre, enjoying an exceptionally hot and sunny microclimate, protected from the winds from the north. The name “Grillet” may refer to hillsides “grilled” or burnt by the sun. The vines have an average age of 45 years and are planted on sometimes breathtakingly steep slopes. They are at 150-250 metres above sea level and spread over 87 marvellous terraces, called “chaillées”, held up by dry stone walls which have been meticulously maintained and preserved over the centuries. Ever since the Roman times, the hand of man has been required continuously to maintain these terraces, giving a sense of purpose and identity to this magical place with its mind-blowing beauty.

  • Appellation: Rhone Valley, Condrieu, Château-Grillet
  • Owner: Frédéric Engerer
  • Winemaker: Alessandro Noli
  • Varieties Grown: Viognier
  • Hectares/Age of Vines: 3.5 hectares, 45 years
  • Altitude/Soil: 150-250 metres above sea level
  • Farming Methods: Traditional methods


Red Rose White Sparkling Sweet Fortified Spirits Cider