Viña Las Perdices

About the Winery

When Don Juan Muñoz López arrived in this land to grow his vines and produce his own wine, he was astonished at the large number of partridges roaming here. One day, while walking through the “jarilla”, he discovered one of these birds sleeping. The partridge, hearing him approach, quickly flew away. A neighbouring farmer told him that these ancient local inhabitants could often be seen in groups of three. As the days passed, the partridges became Don Juan’s constant companions in his long workdays.

Thus he decided to name his winery Partridge Vineyard: “Viña las Perdices”. The winery is a family operation created by Juan Muñoz López, his wife Rosario, his sons Nicolas and Carlos, and his daughter Estela. In 1952 Juan Muñoz López decided to leave his hometown Andalucia, in southern Spain, and he and his family emigrated to Mendoza, Argentina seeking new horizons. Their shared passion for terroir and for growing high quality grapes, and the challenge of making fine wine from their own vineyards motivated them to create a winery in this tradition.

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