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Pago de La Jaraba

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Pago de La Jaraba is a family owned winery built at the heart of La Mancha, which was established with a clear objective: to magnify the quality of La Jaraba wines. In June of 2019, the winery was granted the rights to produce red wines on the estate using the Protected Denomination of Origin La Jaraba. They join a generation of innovative wineries which are quietly transforming the Spanish wine scene, delivering superb wines at a great value.

There is a long history of notable regard for wines grown on the estate back to the mid-1700’s. Keys to the quality of the fruit production include abundant, subterranean water, a relatively cool meso-climate which is protected from hot winds located at 2000 feet of elevation. They follow organic, sustainable methods, selecting species and varieties that are well suited to the site and to the conditions on the soil; so in addition to 80 hectares of vineyards they also grow cereal crops (wheat and barley) as well as sunflowers, almond, pistachio and olive trees.

The wines are made from a range of Tempranillo clones, which adds complexity to the finished wines. Movements of grapes and must/wine are by gravity to minimized harsh tannins. The wines are bottled unfiltered, allowing the maximum expression of the grapes to show in your glass.

They produce an Extra Virgin olive oil, cold-pressed on the estate, from Cornicabra olives with only 0.12 acid versus a limit of 0.8. The extremely low acid number shows that the quality of the olives upon entering the press were exceptional.

Further they raise their own flock of sheep on estate scrub/forest both to enhance and protect soil quality through the incorporation of sheep manure as organic fertilizer and for production of artisian Manchego cheese.

  • Appellation: La Jaraba
  • Owner: Gaspar Fernandez
  • Winemaker: Pedro Antonio del Toro assisted by Jose Benito and Francisco Fernandez
  • Varieties Grown: Sauvignon Blanc
  • Hectares/Age of Vines: 80 hectares / 18-21 years old
  • Altitude/Soil: 700+ meters / sandy, clay, chalky, pebbles, limestone
  • Farming Methods: Organic / Sustainable methods (certification pending)


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