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In the very heart of Franciacorta lies the centuries-old residence, its 16th-century winecellars and surrounding vineyards, all eloquent testimony to the age-old winemaking traditions that the Barboglio family inherited in 1836.

Everything makes Mosnel Franciacortas utterly distinctive: the siting of the vineyards–Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir – in the same microclimate, at a vineyard density of a minimum of 5,000 vines per hectare, a determination to ensure a low yield per vine, the precisely correct time for harvest, picking exclusively by hand, and use of a specialised bladder press.

All Mosnel Franciacortas spend at least some part of their fermentation in oak. The multi-vintage Franciacortas contain base wines from previous vintages in order to maintain a consistent Mosnel style. Style that in the vintage-dated Franciacortas (Millesimati) highlights the characteristics of each individual vintage through a judicious oak-ageing. Taken together, this reflects the philosophy that enables Mosnel to produce wines of consummate elegance, complexity, and cellarability.

Mosnel was one of the very first producers in Franciacorta to introduce use of stainless steel tanks, refrigeration technology, and pneumatic bladder presses. Harvesting the grapes, all grown only in estate vineyards, is performed exclusively by hand, into small boxes. The clusters are brought immediately to the cellar, where they undergo a gentle pressing. The press delivers three separate fractions of must, each qualitatively different, and each fraction is fermented separately at controlled temperatures, either in small oak barrels or in steel tanks, depending on their capacity for ageing.

  • Appellation: Franciacorta
  • Owner: Barboglio Family
  • Winemaker: Giulio and Lucia Barzano and Emanuela Barboglio's children
  • Varieties Grown: Chardonnay (70%), Pinot Blanc (15%), Pinot Noir (15%)
  • Hectares/Age of Vines: 42 hectares
  • Altitude/Soil: Southeast
  • Farming Methods: Traditional


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