Country: Chile > Central Valley

Las Casas De Vaqueria

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With almost 30 years of experience in international markets, LAS CASAS DE VAQUERIA care about maintaining the quality and personality of our wines through a comprehensive relationship in all our processes, such as the optimal work of our vineyards, the different winemaking styles, various aging strategies wine as: Oak wood, clay pots and concrete eggs, which generates a constant search for character in our terroir, to finally capture it in our bottles and customers. They are responsible for different oenological projects that rescue the character of the Maule Valley, from the mountain range to the coast, producing world-renowned wines.

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  • Varieties Grown: Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere
  • Hectares/Age of Vines: Coming soon
  • Altitude/Soil: Coming soon
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Red Rose White Sparkling Sweet Fortified Spirits Cider