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The winery

Established in 1981, Bodegas Granbazán, located in the heart of the Val do Salnés, is a founding member and co-initiator of the DO Rías Baixas. The neo-classical winery and the manor house are set in the middle of the 17.5 hectare (43 acre) Finca Tremoedo – a unique ensemble in the traditional Bordeaux “Château-style”.
Short workflow paths allow a quick grape picking and processing, in order to preserve the unique elegance, aromatic complexity and Atlantic salinity of our Albariño wines.

The grape variety

All Granbazán wines are produced exclusively with the most prominent white grape of northern Spain – the Albariño grape.
Low in yield, with small and loose grape berries, the Albariño is able to reflect the influence of the unique Atlantic climate and the mineral rich granite soils of the Val do Salnés – wines full of freshness and elegance, endowed with anincomparable aging potential.

The vineyard

Planted in 1980 with various Albariño clones from all over Galicia, our Finca Tremoedo is the first vineyard in Rías Baixas, that has been planned for the production of premium wines. Located slightly more than 1 km as the crow flies from the Atlantic coast, the shallow sea breeze gives us a unique climate, which contributes to the typical freshness and salinity of our wines; the granitic sandy soil delivers adequate drainage capacity and supports the elegant minerality.
Our old vines are trained in the traditional Parra system, which due to its high stem growth causes ideal aeration of the grapes and thus prevents them from fungus or rot. Sustainable management and manual work in the vineyard – from pruning to harvesting – guarantee healthy and fully ripe grapes for unique Premium quality.

Thanks to the grand variety of different Albariño clones planted in our Finca Tremoedo and the complex terrain with various altitudes, orientations we are able to elaborate four completely different expressions of the grape variety Albariño from one and the same vineyard – origin makes the difference. Each one of the 10 plots are monitored separately according to its own microclimate, adapting all necessary work in the vineyard to the unique needs of each one. All plots are harvested separately, attending the needs of grapes / must / wine ina personalized manner during the winemaking.

  • Appellation: Rías Baixas DO
  • Owner: Pedro Martínez Hernández
  • Winemaker: Diego Rios
  • Varieties Grown: 100% Albariño
  • Hectares/Age of Vines: 17 Hectares / Average age of vines: 35 years
  • Altitude/Soil: 50 meters above sea level / decomposed granite
  • Farming Methods: Sustainable (Fair'n Green certified)


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