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Chateau Mondesir Gazin

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Château Mondésir-Gazin, facing the estuary as a symbol of an openness to the future, resolutely modern in its architecture and its installations, benefits from particularly well adapted plots of vines, planted on the clay-limestone hillsides like pearls in a box. Benefiting from the oceanic influence, the vines are protected from frost and it is said that they are also sheltered from hail corridors.

Still red wines are mainly obtained from the Merlot grape variety, well adapted to the terroir, where it reaches beautiful maturity. It produces powerful, rounded wines with a deep red color and aromatic notes of intense red fruits, frequently evolving towards spicy nuances as they age. The blend with the Malbec (cot) grape variety adds to the richness and complexity of these wines.

The property produces a cuvée made up of the Malbec grape variety only, designated “Bardon” from the name of the plot from which it comes. This wine is intended to be delicious, fleshy and rounded.

The still and dry white wines, with a beautiful light yellow color, lively and full of freshness on the palate, come mainly from the Sauvignon grape variety, which reinforces the fruitiness of the Sémillon grape variety, which is blended with it and provides volume and fat. These wines can be enjoyed young, aging in barrels brings notes of vanilla and aromatic complexity.

The property remained in the hands of the same family for 30 years, it was bought in July 2022 by Jean-Pierre and Patricia SIMON. They moved there immediately for the harvest of their first vintage.

With their children, they aim to continue the production of high quality wine while respecting the environment, the property having been organic certified since 2006 and HVE level 3. To support them in their quest for product excellence , they are supported by the DERENONCOURT Cabinet, which provides them with its technical expertise and knowledge of all the stages of wine production as well as by the SBO oenology laboratory.

They invented a natural wine, without suffering, called “Chante Alouette” from the name of the plot where the vines are planted.

  • Appellation: Blaye Côtes-de-Bordeaux and Côtes de Bourg
  • Owner: Patricia and Jean-Pierre SIMON
  • Winemaker: Coming soon
  • Varieties Grown: Merlot
  • Hectares/Age of Vines: 14 hectares including 12 in production - average age of vines 25 years
  • Altitude/Soil: limestone clay soil
  • Farming Methods: property operated in organic viticulture


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