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Chateau du Cedre

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The estate is situated on the Vire-sur-Lot village. Its vineyard covers the slopes of Bru on 25 hectares on two kinds of ground: • Le Tran: clayey-limestone with a lot of stones and really deep • Mix of shingles and red iron sands on a mixed subsoil of shingles and clayey-silt The vineyard is worked by hand and by machine but without chemical herbicide and fertilizer.

A short pruning, yields check, optimum ripeness enable the winemaker to express the Malbec potential. The vinification is traditional with crushing and destalking of the hand-sorting crop. The fermentations are checked thanks to modern and efficient equipments. Long vatting, slow and soft extraction and respect of the fruit characterize each vinification. We do the bottling in our estate and then the wines are stocked in an air-conditioned room. Association with meals: red meats, games, foies gras, and cheeses.

  • Appellation: Cahors
  • Owner: Verhaeghe Family
  • Winemaker: Pascal and Jean-Marc Verhaeghe
  • Varieties Grown: Malbec
  • Hectares/Age of Vines: 15-50+ years
  • Altitude/Soil: Limestone scree and Mindel high terraces
  • Farming Methods: Certified Organic


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