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Celine et Laurent Tripoz

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Although Céline and Laurent were born among the vineyards, they are not heirs to any estate. They had to build everything piece by piece. In 1987, Laurent manufactured his own vine plants and created a nursery. Unlike other colleagues, at the first harvests in 1990, they decided to vinify their own production. They also choose to diversify the grape varieties. Today, they both take care of 14 hectares, 75% of which is Chardonnay (the grape variety of choice for their clay-limestone soils), 10% Pinot noir, 10% Aligoté, 5% Gamay. There are 11 vintages including their recognized Pouilly-Loché Première Réserve, Chant de la Tour, Crémant de Bourgogne Nature and Prestige. However, in order to be accessible to all, they have also created entry-level products with equal standards and honesty: Bourgogne Aligoté and Fleur d’Aligoté, Les Graves. In love with careful work and the relationship with the land, the territory, the vines and the customers,  Céline and Laurent have cultivated their estate biodynamically  since 2001.

  • Appellation: Macon-Loche, Pouilly-Loche
  • Owner: Celine et Laurent Tripoz
  • Winemaker: Celine et Laurent Tripoz
  • Varieties Grown: Chardonnay
  • Hectares/Age of Vines: 13.5 hectares - 35 years old
  • Altitude/Soil: Clay-Limestone
  • Farming Methods: Biodynamic


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