Bodegas Casa La Rad, Solarce Rose

Solarce are the entry level wines from the Casa la Rad estate in Rioja Baja. The large, family-owned estate is located in the northern foothills of the Valle de Ocón, and encompasses 2,000 acres; mostly native oak forest, with 272 acres of vineyards, and 37 acres of olive groves.

They seek a balance between their activity and the local environment so as to sustain or improve its vitality and biodiversity. Winemaker’s note: “We try to do a true translation of our vineyard’s speech in terms of wine with the grapes it gives us, thus Solarce Rosado combines all the grape varieties we grow in our vineyards of Cogotillos, Presas and Manantíos.”

What distinguishes this wine is its great varietal aromas. Notes of strawberry and raspberry are to the fore, evolving into white blossom and fruit with stones.

It wraps around the mouth and is long and very persistent. Its fine acidity gives it a fresh mouth feel.

A rosé wine which is really nice to drink, with plenty of flavour and vinosity.

Winery: Bodegas Casa La Rad
Appelation: Rioja
Average age of vines: 60 years
Farming Methods: Organic - Non Certified
Maturation: Aged for a few months on fine lees
Soil: Sandy loam
Varietal: Tempranillo blend
Vineyard Orientation: Southeast | 550-625 meters
Vineyard Size: 110 hectares
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