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I have spent most of my career in the Barossa, in particular the warm and sunny Marananga of the Western Barossa Valley. However, I also learned early on to have great respect for the cooler, high hills of Flaxman’s Valley in Eden Valley. I understand their differences but equal greatness of the two regions and want my wines to reflect that. Therefore, my production is derived from both regions. My most premium wines are two single-vineyard Shirazes – one from Flaxman’s Valley in Eden and one from Marananga in the Barossa.

The six vineyards I chose to represent our single vineyard series: two Shiraz vineyards from each the Barossa Valley and Eden Valley, one Grenache vineyard and one Mataro vineyard. Some of these vineyards are the same vines that I first brought back to life and have now been tending to for over two decades. Many now live well into their second century of age. I named our single-vineyard wines after the original settling family that had the foresight to plant those vines in the variety and soil that they did over one hundred years ago. For those people, I will be eternally grateful.

I make five wines under our regional series, which showcase traditional styles of wines that have been made in the Barossa and stood the test of time: a Grenache Shiraz Mataro blend; a blend of Barossa and Eden Valley Shiraz, a Western Barossa Valley Shiraz and an Eden Valley Riesling. In this series, we also produce a Barossa Valley Marsanne, which I recognize as one of the great white wine styles of the world and is the most premium white wine that I make.

From my focus on terroir expression, I believe it important that I work the vineyards myself wherever possible and so in the Winter season I prune the vines and maintain them through Spring and Summer, then vinify the grapes in Autumn. I employ the old rod and spur method for our Shiraz and bush vine pruning for our Grenache and Mataro. I follow a minimalistic approach in the vineyard to ensure an honest expression of that vineyard site through to the bottle. My viticultural management also involves organic and sustainable practices as part of a holistic approach.

The vinification process is highly oxidative, involving open concrete fermenters, pumping over and then basket pressing. After fermentation, I hold the wines in a reductive state to retain the wine’s character. All wines are aged in French oak and in a combination of large oak foudré, barriques and puncheons with no finning or filtration prior to bottling.

My aim is for the freshness of fruit, vibrancy, and liveliness in my wines with no compromise to vineyard expression. All viticultural and vinification decisions are made based on a balance of these two qualities. By doing so I believe that I create wines that are expressive of their place: my home, the Barossa.

Dave Powell

  • Appellation: Barossa and Eden Valley
  • Owner: Dave Powell
  • Winemaker: Dave Powell
  • Varieties Grown: Dave Powell
  • Age of Vines: 20 year old vines to over 150 year old vines
  • Altitude: 260-500+ meters Elevation/Ironstone; schists over clay; limestone
  • Farming Methods: Sustainable Farming


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