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Hundred Acre

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Hundred Acre is the ultra-premium cult Napa Cabernet project of Jayson Woodbridge, owner, vintner and visionary. His motto is concise, “stand amongst the very best or not at all”. Each step of the winemaking process, from hand picking in numerous passes, hand sorting berry by berry, to the forest and age of barrels are carefully selected and measured. Everything is hand crafted, hand pruned, scrutinized and aligned for his desired response. Each Cabernet Sauvignon represents single estate vineyards from Napa Valley: Kayli Morgan (Morgan’s Way), Ark and Few and Far Between.

  • Appellation: Napa Valley
  • Owner: Jayson Woodbridge
  • Winemaker: Jayson Woodbridge
  • Varieties Grown: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc
  • Age of Vines: Coming soon
  • Altitude: Coming soon
  • Farming Methods: All Hundred Acre wines are made by a very exacting standard in the vineyard. Pruning to one cluster [per shoot], harvesting in multiple passes [five or more], sorting the fruit berry by berry, fermenting in small, French oak fermenters, and long aging in the finest barriques. The secret to Hundred Acre is no compromise and no detail overlooked, ever.


Red Rose White Sparkling Sweet Fortified Spirits Cider
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