Country: Spain > Vino de Calidad de Valtiendas


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Pago el Almendro was founded in 2007 by Oscar Hernando. He is a high-energy chef/sommelier/restauranteur who cooks, farms his own vineyard and vegetables and makes wine.

He is focused on the largely unknown region of Valtiendas, which is located immediately southwest and at higher elevation than its more famous neighbor, Ribera del Duero. He farms two vineyards, each with truly unique soils and aspects. The vineyard which produces grapes for the Vivencias wine offers exceptionally chalky, iron rich and pebbly soils. The other site at even higher elevation offers pure chalky and a climate so marginal that harvest often waits for the first freeze of the Autumn.

  • Appellation: Sacramenia
  • Owner: Oscar Hernando
  • Winemaker: Oscar Hernando
  • Varieties Grown: Tempranillo
  • Hectares/Age of Vines: Hectares/ 20-40 year old vines
  • Altitude/Soil: 900+ meters / red chalky with lots of tumbled stones, pure limestone
  • Farming Methods: Traditional methods


Red Rose White Sparkling Sweet Fortified Spirits Cider