For any true Italian wine connoisseur, Tuscany is must-see locale. The region is responsible for producing some of the most reputable wines on the planet. And for many, it’s almost impossible to hear mention of Tuscany without picturing its rolling hills covered in grape vines. 

It’s fitting that a country so prominent in the history of viticulture would have a rich history itself. In fact, Tuscany­’s story begins nearly 3,000 years ago when the Etruscans first settled the area, bringing vines and the art of grape cultivation with them.


The climate in Tuscany is generally mild with differences depending on the geography of each area. The coast and valleys tend to have hotter summers than the hills or mountains although the coast benefits from breezes off the sea for cooler temperatures even in those warmer months.


Soils in Tuscany range from soft and crumbly, marl-like clay-limestone and dense sandstone in the Apennine foothills to sandy clay


Sangiovese, Canaiolo Neron, Colorino 

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