Winery “Los Astrales” commenced operations at the end of the year 2000 trough the Romera de la Cruz Family´s initiative. They are the third generation of wine growers in Anguix, and have inherited a solid wine knowledge from their parents and, possessing an uncompromising philosophy of quality they decided to give upsuppluing grapes to other wineries and have decided to become wine producers.

By recruiting Eduardo Garcia (Mauro, Mauro Dos, Leda) to the company, who had just completed his vocational training in France and United States of America and who will be responsible for the family´s winery (Mauro, Maurodos) and also as Technical Manager in “Los Astrales“, the company received a boost which permitted the project to materialize in the 2001 harvest.

The last milestone is the incorporation of José Hidalgo Togores as Technical Director in 2013. José Hidalgo, in addition to one of the most recognized winemakers in Spain, is the author of the “Viticulture and Oenology Treaty”, the text used in most Oenology Schools of Spain and Latin America.