It is here in Moulon, in the family cradle (ninth generation of winegrowers) that Joël Duffau settled in 1985, the vines are mainly located on the magnificent clay-limestone hillsides of the town: promised land for Merlot. From his studies and internships carried out in different wine regions in France and abroad (Burgundy, Beaujolais, La Rioja, California), he has kept an openness to others, an inexhaustible desire for discovery, a constant questioning. Joël took over Chateau La Mothe du Barry vineyard here in Moulon, the family home (nine generations of winegrowers), in 1985. The vines are planted have the clay & limestone slopes of the village, a terroir the the Merlot grapes thrives on. From his studies and work meetings in France and abroad (Burgendy, Beaujolais, Rioja, California…) he retained his natural curiosity and a taste for discovering all things new which enable him, vintage after vintage, to evolve in his winegrowing and winemaking techniques.